DIY Selfie Station

I hosted my sister’s wedding shower on Friday and it went off without a hitch!  As mentioned in my previous posts, I was doing it on a tight budget. This left me DIYing the whole decor, which wasn’t a problem!

The biggest hit was the SELFIE STATION ! If you don’t have much planned for games and entertainment. This is a surefire way to keep people laughing and having a good time. Continue reading


Wedding shower Heart Photo Collage

We’re getting to the final countdown for the wedding shower, it’s this Friday!
Yesterday I recieved my photo prints in the mail from Photobox. (Super fast and great quality!).
Originally I planned to stick then directly to the wall, but after some trial and error (humidity was making them fall almost instantly) I decided to cut out a large heart shape of paper and stick directly to that. I laid out a rough idea on my dining room (craft) table and then got started taping them all in place.

Next, to finish off this wall, I made some fabric fringe garland. Because I’m making all of the bridesmaids skirts for this wedding, I have lots of fabric scraps leftover. I took the salvage ends, lined them up neatly, and cut about four inches up, leaving me with a few meters of garland, to add to it, I cut up but not all of the way through, unfolded and done! So easy and so cute. Have a look at how it turned I out!wpid-wp-1437476802750.jpg


Wedding Shower Decor

As you know fromy previous post, I’m planning my sister & (soon-to-be) brother in law’s wedding shower.  I have made a few more things, all free!


I wanted to make some sort of bunting, although I’m still planning to do a sewn fabric one, I decided to make this easy paper one first, possibly for the photo booth! I just cut the size triangles I wanted and used permanent marker for the lettering. Then I used my sewing machine and zipped across the tops of them, voila!


Next, I wanted some “filler” decor, so I took some old jars we had saved and poured Craft paint inside, I brushed it around a bit so it was even, and let them dry. You can use and size or shape. I’m planning to use them for flowers at the shower (without water, since it’s water based paint)


More to come soon:)


Wedding Shower Planning

This past weekend we started planning my sisters wedding shower. She’s getting married in August so we thought a July shower would give enough time so its not too hectic closer to the wedding.

Since we’re currently saving for our own wedding, we can’t go over the top with the budget for this, so I’m DIY-ing a lot, and hoping she’d able to use some of it in the actual wedding decor!

I started by using a phone app, Phonto, to make my invitation. I’m pretty happy with how out turned out:)1435924566469

April Fools!

April Fools Day… well, we like to goof off and have fun with our kids anyway (we had an impromptu cake fight just last week), but on this day in particular, we can go over the top!

Here are some kid friendly April Fools gags to get your kids in the spirit.

Frozen Cerealaprilfools5
Super easy and SO funny!  I froze one bowl with a spoon in and one with no spoon.  Hannah was in such good spirits, she brushed it off and chipped away at the frozen corn flakes, haha.

Fill wine bottle with juiceaprilfools4

The reaction on this one was priceless.  I started by filling up their sister’s sippy cup and they gasped “MOMMY!” I replied with, “Oh, don’t worry, you’ll get some next”.  Landon refused to drink it, dumped it out in the sink and then got mad when I told him it was actually just juice.  Hannah had a sip and said, “It tastes good, but kind of yucky”.
Simple and effective!

Lunch-time Gagsaprilfools2
I didn’t think of carrying through April Fools to Landon’s lunch box until that morning.  I raided the plastic bug collection, gave them a good wash, and put them in his baggie of grapes and popcorn.  Knowing he would think that was “cute” but not quite enough.. I peeled open his pudding, stuck in a bug, and resealed it with hot glue.  He said that his teacher thought he stuck the bug in himself because there’s no way it could have been in his pudding, haha.

Other LOL’s
There were a few more that happened too quickly to snap a picture of… Landon tried to get me by using an elastic on the sink sprayer and asking for a glass of water – I poured him a glass from the Brita 😉
Then Daddy got Hannah to wash her hands at the sink instead, and she got sprayed.  She was shocked and then burst out laughing.  Seconds later he said, “now seriously, I need you to wash your hands”, she asked for reassurance that he wouldn’t spray her again, he agreed… she turned on the tap and sprayed herself again!


Do you play April Fools on your kids? I’d love to hear some other idea for next year!



Rainbow Snack

This is a great healthy snack for St. Patrick’s day, and would work for themed birthdays or other parties.

-Green Grapes
-Red Grapes
-Mini marshmallows
-Rolo foil candies (optional)

Wash and chop all fruit.  Lay out in order of rainbow colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet). Put marshmallows on each end as clouds.  Optional, add rolo candy on one end as “pot of gold”.

To change this up, you could also do the fruit on skewers to bring into your child’s class.


DIY: the perfect bow

Supplies Needed:
-hot glue
-alligator clip

Choose your fabric, I used this fun spring printed fabric


Step One – cut fabric

Step Two – take larger pieces and fold edges to centre and glue. Do this to both pieces.


Step Three – folks outer edges in and glue, do to both pieces


Step Four – place one on top of the other, seams facing in.


Step Five: 

Make the centre of the bow by folding in the raw edges of the smaller piece and gluing (similar to the larger pieces).

Step Six:

Glue one end of bow centre to the bottom of the bow and pinch (as seen in photo)


Step Seven:
Wrap bow centre around and glue.

Your bow is now finished!

Completed bow
Completed bow

You can use it for a variety of things:  glue on an alligator clip and it becomes a bowtie or hairclip.  Sew or glue to headband.  Sew or glue to shirt, skirt, jacket!

Let me know how yours turned out and what you used it for